A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence Krauss

Review of  a popular science book ‘A Universe from Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss

a universe from nothing



2/5 stars

Oh dear!  Firstly, the topic is fascinating in exploring how the Big Bang might have started, and the ultimate inflation of the universe.  Indeed chapter 8 ‘A grand accident’ is wonderful.  However, the book is ruined by the continuous reference to religion as being superfluous.  The remarks are almost derogatory sometimes.  This detracted from the book.  The other aspect was the book perhaps relied upon a better background in physics than ‘popular-science book reader’ level!

I personally did not warm to the authors writing style.

I think it would be helpful to put in the synopsis of the book that it is anti-religion and also that it may require some background knowledge of physics.   That said chapter 8 really did make me think…..the idea of multiverses and how they could occur by creation of pockets in space.  The underlying theme is that space is filled with a mysterious dark energy and it propels inflation of the universe at ever increasing speeds.  It is not a bad book, just a difficult book, both in writing style and grasping the concepts.  I did have to re-read paragraphs a few times!

I will continue my popular science reading and maybe my level of physics will increase enough to enjoy this book if it is read again.


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