‘Gods and Legions’ by Michael Curtis Ford

Perhaps I might try a completely different type of fiction, never thought of reading about the Roman era but just seen this great review and now interested.

Swift Coffee

It’s time I write about this historical fiction book that I’ve actually read a while ago now… Grab your smelling coffee, and run through my thoughts! This is not going to be very long, I think. It’s… compact. 🙂

Képtalálat a következőre: „gods and legions michael curtis ford�



It’s a book co-owned by my boyfriend and I. He enjoyed this one, and the first book in this loose series very much, and his enthusiasm was sticky! I wanted to read them, too. To see my thoughts on the previous book, click here: ‘The Ten Thousand’ by Michael Curtis Ford!


I read this book a bit slower than the other one, and because they’re very similar in style, and in a way in the topic, too, I felt I had to read other types of books between the two (as it happens to me all the time). This one was more of…

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