Getting to know ya! Tag Blog!

I am over the moon at being tagged by Brittany at such a lovely welcome to the book blogging community.  Loving those awesome gifs too…. x


Favourite book of all time!


Very close to the top a few others are:  Robinson Crusoe, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and Jane Eyre.



Favourite Book Five Years Ago




Favourite Duology/Trilogy/Series


Not really a duology but this along with Thin Air (another ghost novel) have made me really hope Paver writes another ghost story.




Last book You Read 






Last Book of Poetry I’ve Read


Bought for my poet friend as part of a birthday present. I love poetry as does he, so I had a look at the contents before I ordered the book. It is very good. Contains one of my favourite contemporary poems ‘What’s left’ by kerry Hardie.




What Book most influenced your life


Lol not sure if it changed my life, but a very interesting read to get a birds-eye view of history.





Book That Made You Ugly Cry





Book That Made You Laugh 






Character You’d Like to Be For A Day





Books So Good You Dreamt About It


Oh the desolate, cold, and empty village they are greeted with on leaving the safety of the small boat…….


Book You DNFed


Strange as I loved his other book A Thousand Splendid Suns. Yet this one did not keep my interest.  I might have a look at it again.




What Book are You Excited to Read

fiction yet to read



I Tag:

(Just a few of the book community people who I follow, no obligation to participate but if you do, please tag me as I would love to hear about your reading styles.)

(Although already nominated I also nominate Evelina)



















7 thoughts on “Getting to know ya! Tag Blog!

  1. I love your choices here, and I just saw you tagged me! Thank you so much for the tag. If you want us to get a notification of a tag, you have to link to a specific post from our blog. I definitely don’t want to miss your notifications because I appreciate every one. ♥️ thank you again. Xoxo


      1. Satia, it’s totally ok, and there are so many things I still don’t know how to do. One way to link is if you are in a web browser, just copy and paste the link you want to link to. Copy it from the blog you are viewing, over into the post you are writing on your blog. When you do that, it sends us a notification that you’ve pinged back to us. That’s the simplest way, though there are some others that involve more steps (renaming the link, etc.). Thank you again for the tag. ♥️

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  2. Hiya Jennifer, thank you for this, it sounds easy lol….. I think I just copied from the bloggers main page not from a specific blog page e.g. the tag ya blog page xx Many thanks for this xx Enjoy your week ahead xx


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