The Naturalist by Andrew Mayne

4/5 star

For a quick and easy read this book is probably one of the better ones.  I read it free on kindle, which can be hit and miss.  Main character seems like a ‘nice guy’, quirky, somebody interesting.  Most of the other characters have little depth to them though.  It was interesting following Crays train of thought for finding the bodies.  The idea of the man pretending to be an animal allowed the author to give us little bits of information about bears and cougars, dolphins and sharks.  The last few chapters and ending were a bit disappointing though.  I think a psychological twist would have made a better ending….perhaps placing Cray as the murderer with a Jekyll and Hyde personality, which could explain why he seemed to ‘be lucky’ in digging up so many bodies so quickly and his hunches usually being right.  Something more gripping than the given ending though.  Something where we could view the psyche of the killer.  All in all a reasonable read for a light, easy to read, style of book with an interesting plot.  I would read more from this author for a quick read, fill in book. The author has humour, and I love how the bears are named.  Like they too have unwittingly found themselves embroiled in a murder scene.  That was very well done and upped the score to a 4 star, even though the ending was poor.

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