Craven Manor by Darcy Coates. Horror/fantasy with an easy-to-read style.

Rate: 3.5.  If you want a deep psychological book, or scary horror this may not tick the boxes.  However, it is a quick-read book where you care about the characters and it keeps you interested in the storyline.

Darcy Coates has a very easy style and is straightforward in her writing. It started off really well, intriguing to go and work as a groundsman for a huge country house. A warm-hearted, if naïve character, Daniel was the right man for the job. He adapts easily. The description of Annalise portrait was so sad. The huge crumbling house and overgrown grounds was quite endearing.  However, (as with most horror books) something is not quite right! It has quite a sad backstory with Annalise (the ghost), but it shows a lot of heart in the book and a feel-good factor of friendship and acceptance between the main character Daniel, and Annalise’s protector/brother Bran.

The last part of the book, however, just becomes silly. It was all tied up too neatly.  I know it is a horror/fantasy but it just completely went off on a tangent at the end.  I have read Darcy Coates before and I think this was not a bad book from her if you are after a quick read which keeps you interested.  She does paint characters with big hearts and ones you cannot help but to like.

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