Light-hearted and a retro trip back to the 80’s

3.5 (The ’86 fix by Keith Pearson).  A good debut novel. Funny, with a very interesting plot. I love the ending and did not foresee that one. Briefly, a middle-aged, jaded man wishes his life had turned out differently (surprise).  He finds a computer programme he had written in his youth and this enables him to fulfil his wish of time-travel back to his adolescence.  I love the nostalgic element of a trip down memory lane.  I do think this novel is likely more appealing to the male experience of adolescence though. I also found it too plodding and needlessly detailed in some parts. However, overall the protagonist is clearly a really lovely person. You care about what happens to him. I would read the next book to see how Craig gets on. I also love the easy style of writing and humour the author injects throughout the book. A light-hearted and easy read which shows the longing of returning to an earlier time in life, to correct later mistakes.

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