A page-turner….until the standoff

Gregg Dunnett ‘The glass tower’ rating 3.5-4/5

Engaging!  Briefly, the story follows a woman (Julia), thrown into fame on the release of her debut novel.  It develops into a tense plot, as events take a nasty turn.  An accident occurs on a dark road and the new novelist finds herself becoming increasingly ensnared by paranoia as she tries desperately to keep her secret hidden.  Unfortunately for the two passengers in her car, Julia makes sure their life will never be the same again.  How quickly suspicions on all sides start to mount!

Julia is not a very nice person!  She is not someone one warms to.  Indeed she is cold, calculating, and egotistical to the point of narcissism.  From Julia’s drug-ridden perspective, everything she has done is out of necessity, and she rationalizes each action.  I did question how honest the two witnesses themselves were as they seemed a little too ‘shallow’ and overly naïve.  I was hoping that Becky (a witness) may have had a hidden part to her personality, and her lack of understanding was merely a ruse which would introduce a darker psychological twist.  Alas not.  I think this made the ending a bit of a let down.  I would have preferred to see more depth to Becky and perhaps for a twist in the plot.  Just a personal view, and all in all the book is an interesting read.

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