Welcome 2019

I have really gotten back into my reading.  The blog has helped with organizing my books and opinions about individual books.  Most importantly it just ‘felt right’ to read.  All that knowledge out there, all that beautiful prose, welcomed, contemplated, sparked curiosity, and enjoyed.  It is a wonderful way to continue into 2019.   The need to seek answers the need to read and open … Continue reading Welcome 2019

Shirley Jackson

A good article by the ‘New Yorker’, based on Shirley Jackson, author of gothic horror ‘ The Haunting of Hill House’ (one of my favourite ghost stories), and ‘We have always lived in the Castle’.  Shows the brief and torn life of Shirley Jackson.  Reveals how her feelings of oppression and unspoken fears, are reflected in her fiction. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/10/17/the-haunted-mind-of-shirley-jackson?mbid=social_facebook&fbclid=IwAR1pAoeCActZQY5-HNZCb1HNZhelE6K9gWcHhpL8_mVUGwLMJgvM8q39vgg Continue reading Shirley Jackson

‘Just Assimilate Her Into Your Family and Everything Will Be Fine…’ — Longreads

In an excerpt from her new memoir, ‘All You Can Ever Know,’ transracial adoptee Nicole Chung recounts how her parents came to adopt her. via ‘Just Assimilate Her Into Your Family and Everything Will Be Fine…’ — Longreads   This looks like an excellent read.  Put this on my to be read list!   Continue reading ‘Just Assimilate Her Into Your Family and Everything Will Be Fine…’ — Longreads

Reading deeply v reading superficially

https://qz.com/892276/speed-reading-wont-make-you-smarter-but-reading-for-deep-understanding-will/?utm_source=qzfbarchive This article rings true.  I wonder how the judges for the man booker prize can read 145 novels in seven months……..?   https://theconversation.com/judging-the-man-booker-prize-how-i-read-145-novels-in-seven-months-29600   Continue reading Reading deeply v reading superficially

Am I A Book Snob?

Originally posted on A Little Blog of Books:
This week, I found a very interesting post by Amanda Nelson on an awesome website called Book Riot which lists the sort of things that a stereotypical book snob might say and then a “translation” for what they really mean. It’s a very humorous and tongue-in-cheek piece which isn’t meant to be taken very seriously but it got me thinking… Continue reading Am I A Book Snob?