Cook’s no-nonsense approach, catches the killer.

4/5 The Winter Mystery by Faith Martin. An enjoyable read. Great for winter-time reading!  Briefly, a cook (come sleuth) is employed over the Christmas period to cater for a farming family. However, there is turmoil and hostility between the head of the household and the other members. Then comes a murder! Of course the cook/sleuth helps the police figure it all out. As a light-hearted … Continue reading Cook’s no-nonsense approach, catches the killer.

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A page-turner….until the standoff

Gregg Dunnett ‘The glass tower’ rating 3.5-4/5 Engaging!  Briefly, the story follows a woman (Julia), thrown into fame on the release of her debut novel.  It develops into a tense plot, as events take a nasty turn.  An accident occurs on a dark road and the new novelist finds herself becoming increasingly ensnared by paranoia as she tries desperately to keep her secret hidden.  Unfortunately … Continue reading A page-turner….until the standoff