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Plodding onwards….

Rating 2/5 The theme is basically about a professor and his nephew who venture into the depths of an extinct volcano in Iceland. Reading this book felt like wading through treacle. Superfluously descriptive and dense in places. I liked the narrator though and did feel sorry for him being at the mercy of his crazy uncle’s whims. Funny in places which makes you smile. However, … Continue reading Plodding onwards….

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A page-turner….until the standoff

Gregg Dunnett ‘The glass tower’ rating 3.5-4/5 Engaging!  Briefly, the story follows a woman (Julia), thrown into fame on the release of her debut novel.  It develops into a tense plot, as events take a nasty turn.  An accident occurs on a dark road and the new novelist finds herself becoming increasingly ensnared by paranoia as she tries desperately to keep her secret hidden.  Unfortunately … Continue reading A page-turner….until the standoff

Wow! Powerful, gritty, and insightful.

Full five stars for this one.  Please note/ The following is a long analysis, containing SPOILERS, so if you have yet to read the book it may be worth reading this review after, rather than before. ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver Even the title reflects the lack of communication and openness between Franklin and Eva, concerning Kevin. This is a powerful … Continue reading Wow! Powerful, gritty, and insightful.

Cook’s no-nonsense approach, catches the killer.

4/5 The Winter Mystery by Faith Martin. An enjoyable read. Great for winter-time reading!  Briefly, a cook (come sleuth) is employed over the Christmas period to cater for a farming family. However, there is turmoil and hostility between the head of the household and the other members. Then comes a murder! Of course the cook/sleuth helps the police figure it all out. As a light-hearted … Continue reading Cook’s no-nonsense approach, catches the killer.

Light-hearted and a retro trip back to the 80’s

3.5 (The ’86 fix by Keith Pearson).  A good debut novel. Funny, with a very interesting plot. I love the ending and did not foresee that one. Briefly, a middle-aged, jaded man wishes his life had turned out differently (surprise).  He finds a computer programme he had written in his youth and this enables him to fulfil his wish of time-travel back to his adolescence.  … Continue reading Light-hearted and a retro trip back to the 80’s

In the Dark by Loreth Anne White

Rating 3/5 Loosely based on Agatha Christie’s book  ‘And then there were none’/’Ten little indians’ this had potential to be a good thriller.  Briefly, a group of ‘strangers’ are invited to a remote lodge on the pretence of securing a business opportunity.  They all seem to recognize one another but cannot quite place where they may have met.  The story unfolds that they are all … Continue reading In the Dark by Loreth Anne White

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – A favourite classic for Halloween.

5/5  A favourite classic. Loved this book from start to finish!  A well-written classic.  It highlights the duality of human nature, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.   Dr Jekyll simply cannot accept that it is the lot of ‘man’, or perhaps more vainly himself, that human nature is shades of grey.  To try to change this nature in the name of both pride (as Dr … Continue reading The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – A favourite classic for Halloween.