The Naturalist by Andrew Mayne

4/5 star For a quick and easy read this book is probably one of the better ones.  I read it free on kindle, which can be hit and miss.  Main character seems like a ‘nice guy’, quirky, somebody interesting.  Most of the other characters have little depth to them though.  It was interesting following Crays train of thought for finding the bodies.  The idea of … Continue reading The Naturalist by Andrew Mayne

What a journey of a book…..I am undecided on this one…

Rating 3.5/4 out of 5 This is a tome of a book of 500 plus pages and that may be why it was not a straight 4/5 score.  This is a pretty ‘raw’ book, which does not pull its punches so to speak. Pushes human endurance to the limits. Poor equipment and badly organized, yet something quite compelling about the journey…the human spirit. The beauty … Continue reading What a journey of a book…..I am undecided on this one…

Welcome 2019

I have really gotten back into my reading.  The blog has helped with organizing my books and opinions about individual books.  Most importantly it just ‘felt right’ to read.  All that knowledge out there, all that beautiful prose, welcomed, contemplated, sparked curiosity, and enjoyed.  It is a wonderful way to continue into 2019.   The need to seek answers the need to read and open … Continue reading Welcome 2019

Getting to know ya! Tag Blog!

I am over the moon at being tagged by Brittany at such a lovely welcome to the book blogging community.  Loving those awesome gifs too…. x   Favourite book of all time!   Very close to the top a few others are:  Robinson Crusoe, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and Jane Eyre.     Favourite Book Five Years Ago     Favourite Duology/Trilogy/Series Not really a … Continue reading Getting to know ya! Tag Blog!