Challenge complete.


3.9 stars

This was the last book of my book challenge (10 books to read between June and Nov).

Initially I thought this was a book that would be hard to finish.  It started off like the Great Gatsby with US high society and a background of those who were putting up the money for the Arctic expedition.  The issue was not that this part was boring, but that it was not expected in a book where you are expected to be transported to the Arctic early on.

Anyway once they do set sail and traverse through the Bering Straits things get very interesting.  Do they reach the North Pole?  Well it is a biography telling of hazards and full of fateful decisions… long should you stay in one position?  These are desperate men with no accurate map for such unchartered territory, and are in the middle of nowhere.  They believe in an open ocean at the North pole, this is one of the ideas of their time.  What happens when your ship goes down?

However, this was a well written book and the journey reflected the stamina of men who kept on going despite the odds being against them.  The spirit of survival.  I am so glad I persevered with this book as it was worth it.

(I did not like the husky eating though … yep they eat them!).

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