Shirley Jackson

A good article by the ‘New Yorker’, based on Shirley Jackson, author of gothic horror ‘ The Haunting of Hill House’ (one of my favourite ghost stories), and ‘We have always lived in the Castle’.  Shows the brief and torn life of Shirley Jackson.  Reveals how her feelings of oppression and unspoken fears, are reflected in her fiction. Continue reading Shirley Jackson

The Uncommon life of Alfred Warner in Six Days by Juliet Conlin

Review 3.5 stars out of 5 Update finished reading this! Review What an interesting idea for a book.  Quite a unique angle to consider an elderly man who has been hearing benevolent voices the whole of his life.  What surprised me, until I read the authors Afterword, is that I never questioned whether the voices were real.  I automatically assumed they were supernatural as the book … Continue reading The Uncommon life of Alfred Warner in Six Days by Juliet Conlin

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman

Review 4/5 stars A really good read. Eleanor is a complex and self-sufficient figure. She certainly has a unique style with how she deals with life. I quite like her. The book is funny and sad. My favourite part was the first section of the book. I enjoyed her use of a wide vocabulary lol, love learning new words. A bright lady who has a … Continue reading Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman

‘Gods and Legions’ by Michael Curtis Ford

Originally posted on Swift Coffee:
It’s time I write about this historical fiction book that I’ve actually read a while ago now… Grab your smelling coffee, and run through my thoughts! This is not going to be very long, I think. It’s… compact. 🙂 (Goodreads/Amazon) Discovery: It’s a book co-owned by my boyfriend and I. He enjoyed this one, and the first book in this… Continue reading ‘Gods and Legions’ by Michael Curtis Ford

The Dry by Jane Harper

  Really good 4.5 stars Review Not my usual genre – crime thrillers, but found this captivating and ushered me into investigating the murders.   Lol, I had literally accused everyone in the town within the first few chapters!  The plot is good. It is set in Kiewarra, a hot, desolate, bakingly dry town in the Australian outback.  The description reaveals hot the starkness of hot, … Continue reading The Dry by Jane Harper

#FollowFriday – the blog edition #10

Did you know you know #FF is short for #FollowFriday? A Twitter trend created by Twitter users as a shout out, a show of appreciation, a nice thing to do. Each Friday, you recommend Twitter profiles that you appreciate and enjoy to all of your followers. This week I’ve decided to bring the Follow Friday feeling to my blog, too, and dedicate this post to… Continue reading #FollowFriday – the blog edition #10